November 4

links for 2008-11-04

  • Learning for Sustainability is a partnerhsip website linking NSWTAFE New England Institute with the Liverpool Plain Land Management Committee, the Namoi CMA and the wider community . It is part of an Innovative E-learning project under the Australian Flexible Learning Framework. This site is evolving and is being built collaboratively. This site is currently set to be open to the World Wide Web for all to see but only members who join and sign into this site are able to edit and contribute to discussions.
  • Make your own games
  • The discussion moved from what really is an online learning opportunity to revealing a myriad of styles and approaches. Leaders expressed concerns about a lack of rigor and an absence of teachers in one example. Yet, others emphasized the extended one-on-one time and authenticity provided by incorporating social networking and web 2.0 tools
  • Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning has sought to facilitate successful, transformational, ICT-related pedagogical change into the core of classroom practice in a K – 12 school in Sydney, Australia. This paper outlines the success of SCIL as a research and development unit, from its inception in 2005 through

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