November 6

Added a translation tool

Just updated the blog with a translation page, so now you can read me in lots of other different languages (if you can read any). Since the only other languages I speak are computer languages, I wouldn’t mind some feedback in comments as to how accurate the tool is.

Click on the “Translate” page above.
Thanks to: for providing the workaround for wordpress, and for their 30 days to a better blog series for suggesting this. I love it!

Posted November 6, 2008 by shortcomp in category Stuff I'm doing

1 thoughts on “Added a translation tool

  1. Sue Waters

    Followed your comment from Steve’s blog to your blog to check how you added the translate. You can actually add a really small Google Translate to your blog sidebar. You grab the code from this page on Google Translate.

    Then in your blog dashboard you go to Design > Widget and add a text widget to your sidebar. Then paste the code from Google Translate in the new text box and click change. Then at the bottom of the Available Widgets you click Save changes.

    If you check my personal blog’s side bar you will see what it looks like. You can paste almost all embed code into Edublogs whereas is more limited.

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