May 27

CEOWeb2 Course: Module 1: Web 2.0

So, funnily enough, now I am doing a course on Web 2.0 for work. I decided to do the course for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I knew that people would ask me what it was like, and I wanted to be able to honestly recommend it. Secondly, I figured that if I learnt one new tool that I could implement, that it was worth it. Looks pretty good so far. We have to create a blog (I’m combining it with my current one) so, you will see some mixed posts between this and the other stuff I currently do.  (please don’t be confused!)

So, here’s a link to my previous post on Web 2.0 Technologies and why to use them in the classroom

I’ve also been using igoogle for a while, and here’s a screen capture of how I have it set up:


Already, I’ve found something new. aside from having a very nice funky user interface, categorises alot of learning tools into categories that relate to applications in the classroom.  And already, I’ve found something useful! I’ve been looking for a web-based citation manager for a couple of months now. I use End Note for the past few years for my academic writing, and found that managing multiple computers is quite difficult with this. The wikispaces website mentions a few web-based citation managers.  I’m going to be checking them out. The one that I’ve applied for a trial period of is only $8 for a year, for a single license, so this seems quite fair.

I’m going to check them out and repost when I’ve decided which one to use.

Overall, I’m looking forward to the course.

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