May 6

That’s just the way we do things here

Question everything is one of those instructions that you get when you come into a school open to learning. The opposite of that is “that’s just the way we do things here”.

“That’s just the way we do things here” is a frustrating epitaph that I’ve heard over and over again in previous settings. It’s the death to innovation. You want to do that differently? My two least favourite sayings “that’s just the way we do that here” teamed with “you don’t understand”. Generally at the beginning. “You don’t understand that’s just the way we do things here”

I hear the opposite of that at St Lukes almost  every day. “Can I try this?” Almost like a “Absolutely….that’s just the way we try new things here”.  Our “yes is the default” attitude to suggestions of doing new things isn’t a carte blanche to do whatever you want but is guided by leaders that question, probe, allow to run, pull back, guide, let run again and redirect. Its our job to both make sure that teachers don’t stop doing the same.

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