June 22

The birthday

This year I had a “milestone” birthday to celebrate. It was a weird mix this year. A lovely celebration from people at work, who spent time that they didn’t have to prepare morning tea and embarrassingly put me in front of the whole staff to sing happy birthday to. It was also a terribly sad day, because we sent all our students home.

We’ve learnt so much during this time.

About teachers: how fast and hard they can work, how dedicated,  caring, responsive and resilient they are when we change things every five minutes.  How much that they care for each individual as they Zoom for set periods, set and check work and call home when worried about students, and bring to the forefront quickly kids that need extra help.

Students: how resilient and hard working they are. How independently they can work when there is a need to and how much every student needs the connection to their school. Our attendance rates post-COVID are a lot higher than prior. Are the advantages of school now more appreciated?

Parents: How much they (mostly) value school and teachers seems to have risen in this time but also the awareness of their children. COVID bought the classroom into people’s homes. And on the most part parents were extremely grateful of the work that teachers did to facilitate student learning.

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