November 9

links for 2008-11-09

  • These are early storyboards from Star Wars, from before the Falcon was changed to its current design. I took them from Hyperspace's Insider supplement, which means there's more to be had in Insider. I'll try and pick them up and see what this is about.

    The text on the Hyperspace page (which requires membership), reads:

    "Insider readers who enjoyed J.W. Rinzler's revealing "Pirates of the Boards" article from issue #91 can view the rare storyboard artwork here in an enlarged slideshow format — please see the original article for additional information regarding these rare images.

    Be sure to check out Rinzler's continuing series of early storyboard art in the next five issues of Star Wars Insider!"

    To my knowledge, the majority of these storyboards were done by Joe Johnston.

    PS: I'm attaching a few more proto-storyboards storyboards to this set, as I find them.

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