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  • Social Publishing Solutions
    Get your community actively involved with your brand! Prominent entertainment, technology, and lifestyle brands are adding social publishing to their websites to drive user engagement, extend audience reach, and increase revenue.
  • This new literacy resource has been developed to highlight how graphic novels can engage pupils and how they can be used throughout the curriculum.

    A graphic novel can be described as a novel whose narrative is conveyed through a combination of text and art, usually in comic-strip form, but with lengthier and more complex storylines. They are generally sold in bookstores and comic book shops, rather than in newsagents where regular comics tend to be purchased.

    Graphic novels can play an important part in encouraging reading amongst pupils. The flexibility of the comic medium, which is used in graphic novels, means that they can tell complex stories or explain difficult ideas in a simple way. Layouts can be designed in a ‘text heavy’ or ‘text light’ form (from many words to none at all). This versatility permits universal reader appeal. The comic medium can even be used to create non-fiction, such as 'how-to’ manuals or autobiographies.

    Consequently, it is possible to buil