May 24

Study Apps

As we build up for the HSC Exams, I’ve been reviewing my app library to send to teachers and students the  apps that will help out. Don’t forget Socrative: student version) and Teacher Version (  This is a student response system where you can create quizzes, etc for students that they have to answer in class (self marking!)

For more detailed type questions: Eclicker (Teacher Version…expensive at its almost $20 mark, but a one off purchase) and Student Version (free)

Explain everything is simply my favourite teaching app. This app is essentially a whiteboard app that allows you to record, however, you can also download images, pdfs or power points while you annotate and “talk to” them. A how to guide is here: One thing you can do while you are marking exams, is take a photo of student responses with your iPad, then use explain everything to give additional feedback (eg

Popplet is a brainstorming tool that is available . This is a good app to show connections between concepts, or to do a summary of a topic.

Brainscape is a flashcard based app, but students can actually collaboratively edit the deck that you create. Students then study, and self-rate their confidence on each card. The app then uses a formula, based on brain research, that throws back the cards that students remember least in a patterned basis that is best for them to remember them. You can then view students statistics and ratings on the brains cape website. We run it as a competition…who has studied the most.

Self Control is a great mac app that will stop notifications from pushing to your computer, to help with those moments when you have to study (or finish year 9 reports) and just can’t stop hitting the “Reply” button when you get an email, leading to a task taking four times as long as it should.

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