September 11

Sample Blog Post for Industrial Tech

Yesterday, in multi I worked through editing my kinetic typography for my website. I was working through my own animation, while watching the Crooked Gremlins tutorial below

Kinetic Typography Tutorial from Elrond Hubbard on Vimeo.


One problem that I faced was trying to make sure that the audio matched up to the video. I solved this problem by showing the wave form on the layer with the audio on it. This allowed me to time the areas of silence, and to move the individual layers to this section.

Next lesson, I want to move to trying to implement different layouts within my typography, so that it looks less like plain motion tweens. The following is an example of that:

In regards to my timeplan, I seem to be a little behind (ie, about a period or two). I will need to do some work over the weekend to catch up with my time plan. The following is a short sample of where I am up to at the moment.

Next step: Experiment with different layouts in illustrator to import into After effects for my typography.