December 7

Is it cheating or using the resources you have available?

AI Writing (also known as AI-written content) is a form of content creation that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate written content. This content can range from blog posts to news articles, stories, and other forms of written content. AI tools are used to research and analyze topics, generate ideas, and then create the final article.

AI bots are easy to use. They are designed to be user-friendly and provide a more intuitive user experience. They often feature natural language processing, so you can ask questions and receive answers without having to use a specific syntax or code.

Academic cheating is the act of using unauthorized resources or methods to gain an unfair advantage in an academic setting. It includes plagiarism, unauthorized collaboration, illicitly obtaining and using previously submitted work, and any other activity that gives an unfair advantage in a class or course.

Students can sometimes use AI bots to write for them. AI bots are capable of providing assistance with a variety of tasks and can help students to complete their assignments more quickly and efficiently. AI bots can also provide feedback on work and provide additional resources to help students learn more about the subject matter.

Whether an action is considered cheating or not depends on the context. If an action is in violation of an agreed-upon set of rules or regulations, it is generally considered cheating. However, if an action is simply using the resources available to a person, it may not be considered cheating.

The question is…could a teacher tell? Yes, a teacher could tell if something is written through AI by examining the writing and looking for certain tell-tale signs that would indicate that the writing was generated by artificial intelligence, such as overly complex sentence structure, lack of natural flow, and use of unfamiliar words or phrases.

Actually…could you tell? Up until this moment in time everything above has been written by a bot. One might say not well….but was it good enough to fool you?

Note: Image provided is also AI generated