August 13

HSC Analysis Sheets

For the past few years I’ve been doing HSC Exam Analysis Guides for subjects that I teach. I’ve just put these up on Scribd.

There is available:
Software Design

Industrial Tech Multimedia

Design and Technology

I’m working on an IPT one at the moment.

Hope that these are useful.

August 12

Illustrator Tutorial: Draw a car using the pen tool.

1. Right click on the following file and save it and open it in illustrator.

Image from:

2. When you open the file, and click on the layers toolbar, you will notice that the image is in layer 1. Add a layer, and click and drag it to be positioned above the first layer. This is where you are going to complete your drawing.


3. Lock layer 1 by clicking in the box next to the eye. It should look like the image below
layers locked

4. Select the pen tool

pen tool

5. Using the pen tool, trace around the following piece of the car. Click a vector wherever the curve changes direction, or in the middle of the curve. Just do it roughly to start with, as this can be edited later.


View the following video to explain the pen tool

6. In order to edit the vectors, click on the following tool:
Selection tool
You will notice that if you click on a vector, then you will get a line that has two handles. Adjust these handles to change the shape of the tool.

7. Copy this shape and paste it. While it is selected, click on Object–>Transform–>Reflect.
Object Transform Reflect
Edit this shape in the same way to make it fit.

8. Draw the front of the car over the top of the bumpers.

Don’t forget to edit the shape so that the curves fit!

9. Send the front of the car behind the bumpers.


10. Draw the top, mirrors and side panels using the same techniques


11. Use the circle tool for the headlights, and rectangle tool for the wheels

12. Use the paintbrush tool for the detail lines

13. Add stroke

Change the stroke style by drawing a selection rectangle around the entire car. At the top of the screen is the outline properties. Select a different brush and stroke width

14. Add colour by selecting individual parts of the car and clicking on the colour tool on teh right hand side of the screen.


15. Once you are happy with the design of your car, you can delete layer 1 (the template) and add details of your own.