March 24

It’s all anyone’s talking about.

What a year this week has been.

Over the weekend, some great leadership from the state in terms of shutting schools.

Sunday, kids go to school tomorrow, we’ll make an announcement on Monday night. Let son stay home for obviously impending school closure. Cheers to the state for this.

Sunday night, our PM gets online and says with great disgust to the Australian people “You obviously can’t look after yourselves….we’ll look after you so cafes, restaurants, gyms, and pubs…closing. Cause you can’t implement social distancing….but schools will remain open….huh?

Monday  some good leadership from our State saying “Keep the kids at home unless you can’t” Well that’s confusing. Clarification from schools across the state “Please keep your kids at home”.  Clearly made the right decision about keeping son at home. Clearer information from principals with great leadership “I’m begging you to leave your kids at home”


NSW says that they’ve been working on online learning for the past 2 months, and they are ready now to hit the button with learning. Son still has no work. Fine, I’ll set some.  Noting those necessary things that are included in his “work”

Get up, shower and dress

Walk the dog

Unpack the dishwasher.

Ring your nan and ask how she is.

And yes, rigorous learning activities. Probably more so than he’s done before in some subjects. Lots of game playing too I’m sure.

Tuesday 24 kids turn up in our part of the school. Teachers work all day getting work together. So much work to do, such great work from teachers who are totally changing the way that they work.  Amazed at how much our teachers are just totally focused on kids, when each of them have different family situations at home.

Myself? Feeling sad, angry, frustrated, sad, happy. Needing more hugs in a time without hugs.

Potential for so much jump in teacher learning and so much loss at the same time. So much potential for student learning and so much potential loss. We talk about HSC and how it will be different this year when really we’ll see a 12 year impact.